Pack 1714 sells popcorn in order to raise money. Why do we sell popcorn? We do it for several reasons.

  • Develop personal confidence – you will notice a difference after even just a few sales
  • Learn salesmanship – lifetime skills
  • Teamwork to achieve goals – each show and sell is split evenly between both Scouts

The benefit for our Pack:

  • Subsidize our Pack events – like Space Camp
  • Fund Pack meetings
  • Purchase new camping equipment
  • Supports our Atlanta Area Council

What’s new this year!

To participate in selling, every Scout needs to set up a trails end popcorn account at the following address Your account will be used for online sales, wagon sales, show-and-sells, and to track your prizes. If you’re unsure whether you’ve already got an account, you can check with Jason.

Our goal this year is $500 per Scout. Why $500? The boys get to throw pies at leaders in our December Pack meeting and they earn prizes. That’s one show-and-sell, and some online sales to family… easy as Unbelievable Butter!

We sell through 3 methods:

Show and Sell: We’ve made arrangements with several local businesses in our area who have kindly allowed us to sell in front of their stores. We’ll email out the Sign-up Genius separately. Please sign up for just one show-and-sell timeslot so that everyone gets a chance and then we’ll announce when you can sign up for additional time slots. Each time slot includes 2 Scouts for 2 hours in front of the storefronts who have graciously offered to lend their support to Scouting. We typically average $200 per Scout per timeslot.

Online Sales: Everyone must set up an online account. It takes less than 15 minutes!  Have your Scout put on his Field Uniform (A) and make a 30 second video selling to you as you answer your front door. Post the video to Facebook with a link to the Scouts personal site. You can also email that with the link to Grandma in Wabasha, MN, and Cousin Eddie in Coolidge, KS. They can also search for your Scout and place their orders by entering the Scout’s last name, first name, zip code, and then validate Pack 1714. There are many more products online such as coffee, jerky, and peanuts.  Most orders will qualify for free shipping.

Take Order: This is the traditional door to door method to sell popcorn through your order forms or through the trails-end app and typically earns ~$150/hr.  We are passing out the order forms at the Pack meetings and through your Den captains. Please collect all of your money up front. Checks can either be made out to either “Pack 1714” or to the Scout parent if you wish to consolidate. Key dates are: 

  • Tuesday, Oct 26th Popcorn Wagon/Take orders and money due to Jason Shockley
  • Sunday, Nov 14th Popcorn distribution day

2021 Update: We are continuing to honor the health department protocols as it relates to covid.  All Scouts and parents will be expected to wear masks while selling popcorn.

Amazon Gift Card Awards are given for different levels of sales. Log into the Trails-End site to review the awards levels. In addition, the following prizes are available based on the amount sold by each Scout:

  • $750: New pair of New Balance Tennis Shoes
  • $1200: Movie Gift Certificate, Top Seller Hat, and Sales Certificate
  • $2500: a Trophy, Big Spin on the prize wheel & Invitation to the Top Seller Reception

Let’s have a great year of Scouting and have fun selling! If you have any questions, please contact our Fundraising Chair, Jason Shockley. (If you don’t have Jason’s email, just ask your Den Leader or any Pack Leader or you can find it on ScoutBook. We prefer not to post personal email addresses on our website)