Pinewood Derby

The Pack 1714 Pinewood Derby was a successful event with lots of winners. Each of the derby cars were unique and creative. They raced their derby cars down the track as quick as they can. A few derby cars needed a tune up, but they did finish their race. The top two winners from each Den raced for the ultimate prize: the big trophy. We had three Scouts that were victorious and placed in the top three out of the entire Pack.

Other awards went out to the creative Scouts who chose to use their imagination over aerodynamics. The parents were able to vote for different categories. Each category had top three winners. So if they did not win the fastest car, they won on their design. While the Scouts were waiting for their race, they played games and ate delicious pizza thanks to Papa Johns. Do the Scouts have a plan for their derby car design? Only to be the fastest in the Pack for next year.