Pack Meeting

Pie Throwing

We had a great year of popcorn sales with 21 boys that sold over $500 worth of popcorn. That means over 21 pies were thrown at our Dec Pack meeting. This year, probably to the relief of parents, some of the Scouts wanted to throw pies at each other instead of at the adults. Below are all of our exceptioaln Scouts who sold over $500 and got to throw pies.

Logan, $500
Micah, $518
Jensen, $539
Sebastian, $606
Connor, $620
Evan, $650
Adrian, $706
Landon, $729
Cruz, $750
Gabriel, $750
Jason, $757

Camden, $788
Ronan, $790
James, $802
Brooks, $830
David, $901
Ethan, $1000
Henry, $1151
Patrick, $1157
Brantley, $1223
Thomas, $1659

A big thanks to all of our Scouts for selling popcorn, this is the primary way we fund the Pack each year and allows us to have great events and a lot of fun for everyone!

Click > here < to see some short video clips from this year’s event!

Pack Activity

Yorktown Adventure

Pack 1714 went on an exciting trip to Patriot’s Point to spend the night on the historic Yorktown aircraft carrier. Our Scouts got to experience a little of what it is like to live on a carrier by spending the night in bunks similar to the ones it’s original sailors would have slept on.

It was hard to tell who enjoyed exploring these old ships more, the Scouts or the parents! The museum is fairly expansive, with a significant amount of the carrier open to exploration. Nearby, the destroyer USS Laffey and the submarine USS Clamagore were also very interesting to visit.

In addition to having a fun time touring these ships, our Scouts also learned a lot about the sacrifices made by the many brave soldiers that fought on these ships and others for our great country.

Pack Activity

Trailblazer Campout

The Trailblazer Campout was a big success! We played baseball and football, shot BB’s and arrows and even some of us shot slingshots. We learned about motion and force and how to build a marble bag. We also ate marshmallows twice! The weather was perfect Saturday and Sunday and everyone had a great time.

Pack Activity

Summer Picnic 2019

We had a great picnic with Troop 2319 up at Lake Allatoona. A number of older Cub Scouts attended along with several of our new Lions and Tigers! The kids had a great time playing different games and running around with their friends. Thanks to everyone who attended and brought side dishes!

Pack Meeting

Who’s in my Pack?

Everyone join us for our first Pack meeting of the year! Come find out who’s in our Pack this year and who’s in our new Tiger and Lion dens.

If you weren’t able to make the sign-up meeting on the 15th, you can still join our Pack at any time. Come on by our first Pack meeting and get your new Scouts signed up!

Thu, August 29, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Mountain View Elementary School Cafe


Pack 1714 Picnic

Pack 1714 Families,

Join us for the Pack / Troop / Crew Family picnic on Saturday, August 24th at Pine Acres Retreat in Acworth, GA. We’ll provide the burgers, buns, condiments and paper products. We’ll also have the big water coolers filled with water and Gatorade so bring your water bottles. There is both an indoor (air conditioned) space as well as outdoor space for the group to use during our picnic.

Please bring your families and both a side and dessert to share and any other non-alcoholic beverages that you would like for your family.  

Bring your ladderball, cornhole and any other outdoor games that you would like as well as any card or board games for inside entertainment. (Please no water guns or water balloons to stay within Scouting USA guidelines for safe scouting / leave no trace)

Please refer to the Pack email communication for the registration link.

Date: 08/24/2019 (Sat.)
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm EDT
Location: Pine Acres Retreat Mariner’s Lodge in Acworth, GA
3963 Bartow Carver Rd SE, Acworth, GA 30102 

We look forward to seeing everyone there to kick off a great scouting year!!


Sneak A Peek at Mountain View Elementary

Stop by and visit with some of the Pack leadership and Scouts on Tuesday, July 30th from 7:45 AM until 1:00 PM during the school’s sneak a peek. We’ll be located in the gym with all the other extra curricular activities available. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have about Scouting, some highlights of the activities we do each year, and how to sign up to join the Pack. It’s a great time to consider us as you look at the clubs and organizations that are offered for our Mountain View students.

Pack Activity

DeSoto Caverns – Sleeping Underground

Pack 1714 took a trip to DeSoto Caverns and spent the night underground on July 20th! The Scouts all had a great time, there were a number of different outdoor activities they got to do during the afternoon. They all really liked the Cave Crawl which was a large structure they could crawl through that simulated spelunking through a very tight cave. Many of the Scouts went through that one at least a dozen times. They also had a blast panning for gemstones and shooting the nerf ball air cannons.

After an afternoon of fun activities, we descended into the cave using nothing but small kerosene lamps for an authentic experience of what it was like for Hernando DeSoto when he first explored the cave around 300 years ago. We had a great tour guide that explained a lot of history of the cave and saw several laser light shows. This is an active cave, so the kids found it pretty amusing that they got a lot of “cave kisses” as the ceiling dripped water on them occasionally as we walked around. After a great day of fun, everyone was tired and it was quite nice to sleep in the 60 degree temperature of the cave instead of the 90 degrees above ground!


Welcome to our new website

Pack 1714 is happy to announce we have a new website! Please be patient as we continue to add content and functionality throughout the year. Our goal is for this to be a central point where all of our parents and Scouts can find the information they need.