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Night at the Georgia Aquarium

The Scouts and their family had a great experience at the Georgia Aquarium. It started with a tour through different aquatic exhibits that are on display. They were able to see different animals coexisting together in the same environment. The exciting part of the tour was going behind the scenes with our experienced tour guides. Scouts were able to see how the animals were taken care of in the medical and research area, controlling the environment and cleanliness of the tanks, and viewing the tanks from above the exhibits. The guides were able to answer most of their inciteful questions. The Scouts were able to view most of the exhibits on day 1 before going bed.

The designated sleeping area for the night was in front of the salt water tank with the whale sharks. Yes, the Scouts slept with the fishes and survived. Watching the animals swim around had a calming effect which allowed for some to fall asleep, whiles others struggled. Of course the Scouts were not thrilled with the 6 a.m. wake-up call, but they were able to rise early to pack, eat breakfast and continue the tour before it became busy on day 2. At the end of the tour, some of the Scouts and their families extended their stay to watch the Sea lions and the dolphins perform.

The Scouts had a great time exploring different parts of the aquarium that are not open to the general public. They also learned about how and why some of the animals were apart of the aquarium. Overall, the experience left an impression on the Scouts and their families. Hopefully they will tell their teacher and classmates about their adventure at the the Georgia Aquarium, on the first day of school.

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Pack 1714 Sneak-A-Peak

Attention all Mountain View Elementary Parents who are interested in being outdoors! Pack 1714 leaders will be present for the Mountain View Sneak-A-Peak on July 28th in the gym. Ask questions on the types of adventures that are coming up for the school year, and the different skills that could benefit your student . The adventures that are planned include camping, building friendship, and learning about our environment while having fun.

If Scouting is the way, sign-up online. It is easy, with less traffic. The leaders will be happy to talk to you on sign-up night about the gear needed. Sign-up Night will be August 10th at Mountain View Elementary starting at 6:30. Hope to see the smiling faces of future Scouts!

Pack Meeting

Pack Crossover

At the end with a year full of adventures, the Scouts complete the exciting part of their journey with the den and the pack. They get to walk across the bridge welcoming the next adventure of growth. Each Scout watch their den and other dens cross the bridge, getting recognized for their achievement. This year, to show Pack 1714 is thrifty, the Scouts turn in their neckerchiefs to receive new ones as they are promoted from one den to another. The goal is to reuse the neckerchiefs for next year’s promotion.

After ceremony, the Scouts enjoyed an inflatable obstacle course and Kona Ice. The shoes came off and all Scouts were taking their turns to see who was quick enough to get through. Some of the adults decide to join in on the fun to see if they can make it to the end. The flavored ice help to keep everyone cool and reenergize for another of the obstacle course. The year was a success and the Scouts are ready to complete the journey again.

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Spring Family Campout

The Scouts had an exciting time at the Spring Family Campout at Bert Adams Scout Camp. There were new activities for the Scouts and updated equipment. The Scouts spent the morning half petting the animals, which is always a favorite. They also enjoyed the inflatable slide and axe throwing. Next, we went to the fort where the kids made egg maracas from plastic eggs and rice. A great idea to repurpose the eggs after the holiday. We went back to camp to enjoy sandwiches, chips and cupcakes. Also, sing happy birthday to one of the Scouts.

After the food digested and the Scouts were re-energized from the icing, they enjoyed other activities: shooting arrows, BB guns and sling shots. The arrow station got a major upgrade with new targets. The one activity the Scouts keep going back to was Gaga Ball. They spent hours playing with other Scouts or with the pack. After dinner, they headed to the amphitheater to enjoy skits from other packs. Of course our Scouts had to participate this year with their “Announcement” chant. The Cubmaster is wondering if the other packs will start chanting it when their is an announcement being made.

Overall, the Scouts had a great time. They were willing to try new things and play their favorite activities. Next year, the skit will need to be awesome as usual and see what new activities the Spring Family Campout will offer.

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Pack Meeting

AOL Crossover

There is always an excitement, as well as nervous Scouts, making a decision as to which path they should take. Most of the Scouts chose to crossover to become part of Troop 2319. They will have a great adventure as they continue to learn, and develop their skills to become future leaders. There were a few Scouts who chose a different path. Their den leader will always be proud of their success they made as Scouts and wish them the best of luck with their adventure outside of Scouting.

Each year, we encourage our younger Scouts to attend and acknowledge the hard work the Arrow of Light have completed to reach the next phase. Soon, they will be there to make the decision as to which path they will take. All of their skills they develop will help them, as well as, the support from their den leader and parents. No matter which path is taken, a new adventure awaits.

Pack Activity

Pinewood Derby

The Pack 1714 Pinewood Derby was a successful event with lots of winners. Each of the derby cars were unique and creative. They raced their derby cars down the track as quick as they can. A few derby cars needed a tune up, but they did finish their race. The top two winners from each Den raced for the ultimate prize: the big trophy. We had three Scouts that were victorious and placed in the top three out of the entire Pack.

Other awards went out to the creative Scouts who chose to use their imagination over aerodynamics. The parents were able to vote for different categories. Each category had top three winners. So if they did not win the fastest car, they won on their design. While the Scouts were waiting for their race, they played games and ate delicious pizza thanks to Papa Johns. Do the Scouts have a plan for their derby car design? Only to be the fastest in the Pack for next year.

Pack Meeting

Popping with Success

Pack 1714 would like to thank the community with help of raising money with this year’s popcorn sale. There were 14 Scouts who did very well with their sales of $500 or more. The participation to reach the set goal for each individual, was higher than last year. The reward for their success is throwing a pie in a Scout leader’s face. Don’t worry, there were parents involved with receiving a pie in the face. The Scout that had the most sales was able to throw two pies: one lucky leader and one lucky Scout. Everyone had a great time celebrating a great our Pack’s success. Lets hope next year more Scouts that will join in all the action to pie their favorite leader, or parent, in the face. As always, this will take the community’s help to make every year a success to reach the Pack’s goal.

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USS Yorktown Trip

Spending the day on an aircraft carrier is always a great experience. Spending the weekend on an aircraft carrier is epic. During the day, tours were set up so the Scouts were able to explore USS Yorktown’s multiples levels as wells as a few levels on USS Laffey, a U.S. destroyer. They saw many different types of planes that were flown in World War II as well as military planes from the late 20th century. Some Scouts were able to visit Fort Sumter, and learned about the history of the fort and part of the Civil War. There was also a Vietnam Experience where the Scouts can walk through a replicated U.S. camp in Vietnam. So there was plenty of military history they could learn and explore.

What did the Scouts do at night? They gathered in the theatre on the first night to watch “Greyhound”. This help to experience part of World War II when the naval vessel was using sonar to find the German U-boats. The second night, they listened to a speaker who told stories about USS Yorktown in battle, the life of the crew on board, and highlighted some of the pilots who were able to land on a moving vessel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When it was bedtime, the Scouts gathered in the sleeping quarters and slept in the multiple tier bunk beds. Were the beds comfortable? Just ask one of our Scouts.

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Spooky-Ree 2022

Spooky-Ree was a big hit this year with a fun Halloween theme where the Scouts got to where their costumes Saturday night for a monster mash dance party! The weather cooperated for a picture-perfect Fall campout at Bert Adams and everyone maxed out their steps for the weekend.

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Mission Popable: Popcorn Sale

We are popping with clues on how to reach our goals with popcorn sales. Luckily the Pack has multiple ways to get sales through the app Trails End and Show-and-Sell for the public. The app can create a link for texting and social media platforms for family and friends. There will also be Show-and-Sells in 3 locations in Marietta: Kroger on Sandy Plains, Kroger on Roswell Road, and Reveille Cafe on Sandy Plains. This will help to reach the public who would like to buy or just donate for our cause. So pop with excitement and either sale, sale, sale or buy, buy, buy.