Den Activity

Webelos Woods 2021

Webelos Woods is generally a spring campout organized by the Foothills District that gives the Webelos an opportunity to operate like a Scout Patrol and plan their own campout.

This year they made sandwiches for lunch, grilled burgers for dinner and had bacon for breakfast. The District made this a laid back event where our Scouts got to do their own thing which included an activity put together by Jenson which allowed the Webelos to earn one of their activity pins that they needed for their Webelos rank.

Den Activity

Providence Canyon 2020

Our Webelos Den put together a great trip and the first one since the COVID pandemic began. We visited Providence Canyon State Park just south of Columbus and had a great time hiking and camping at the park.

We got lucky with the weather, we didn’t have any rain and it was a pretty warm night for December. Everyone had a great time hiking up the streambed and into the canyons.

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Pack Activity

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

As we discussed in our last virtual Pack meeting, here’s a backyard scavenger hunt that everyone can have fun with. We’ll ask everyone at the next meeting how they did. Print this out and see how many things you can find!

A Scout is Trustworthy! This means we’re using the honor system! As items are spotted, they can be crossed off. All items must be found outside, hence the backyard part 🙂 If you find something really unique, take a picture, show everyone at the next meeting!

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Sign-Up Events

This year is unlike any other but Pack 1714 is still here and looking forward to meeting new Scouts this year! Since we can’t have a traditional sign up night at the school, we will have two virtual sign up nights where you can ask questions, learn about Scouting and join our Pack.  Please share the information with anyone looking for adventure, great life skills, and outdoor fun. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 7:00 PM            Sign Up Link

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 7:00 PM                Sign Up Link

If you are ready now to join our Pack now, please use this link to register: Register NOW


Back to School

Hello Mountain View families! Cub Scout Pack 1714 welcomes you to the school year 2020-21. Even though this year is presenting some unique challenges, our Scouts are continuing to meet and would love to have you join us!

  • Most activities will be done at a den level – no more than 8 – 10 Scouts at a time!
  • We will be following the 3 “Ws” of wash hands, wear a mask, and watch your distance
  • Our motto is “Taking it Outdoors” and we are planning many activities to experience the outside world!
  • Service is a big part of Scouting and this year we will focus on serving our community

If you have a kindergarten through 5th grader interested in learning more about Cub Scouts and Pack 1714, please join us for a Zoom Q&A meeting on Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 7:00 PM.

If you missed our Zoom Q&A session, feel free to just contact us at the email below or you can go to
this -> link -< to register and sign up.

We look forward to meeting all our new Scouts at our first Pack meeting on 9/24!

Please contact our Cubmaster (cubmaster “at” for any information before our call.

A message from our Cubmaster

Pack Meeting

Pie Throwing

We had a great year of popcorn sales with 21 boys that sold over $500 worth of popcorn. That means over 21 pies were thrown at our Dec Pack meeting. This year, probably to the relief of parents, some of the Scouts wanted to throw pies at each other instead of at the adults. Below are all of our exceptioaln Scouts who sold over $500 and got to throw pies.

Logan, $500
Micah, $518
Jensen, $539
Sebastian, $606
Connor, $620
Evan, $650
Adrian, $706
Landon, $729
Cruz, $750
Gabriel, $750
Jason, $757

Camden, $788
Ronan, $790
James, $802
Brooks, $830
David, $901
Ethan, $1000
Henry, $1151
Patrick, $1157
Brantley, $1223
Thomas, $1659

A big thanks to all of our Scouts for selling popcorn, this is the primary way we fund the Pack each year and allows us to have great events and a lot of fun for everyone!

Click > here < to see some short video clips from this year’s event!

Pack Activity

Yorktown Adventure

Pack 1714 went on an exciting trip to Patriot’s Point to spend the night on the historic Yorktown aircraft carrier. Our Scouts got to experience a little of what it is like to live on a carrier by spending the night in bunks similar to the ones it’s original sailors would have slept on.

It was hard to tell who enjoyed exploring these old ships more, the Scouts or the parents! The museum is fairly expansive, with a significant amount of the carrier open to exploration. Nearby, the destroyer USS Laffey and the submarine USS Clamagore were also very interesting to visit.

In addition to having a fun time touring these ships, our Scouts also learned a lot about the sacrifices made by the many brave soldiers that fought on these ships and others for our great country.

Pack Activity

Trailblazer Campout

The Trailblazer Campout was a big success! We played baseball and football, shot BB’s and arrows and even some of us shot slingshots. We learned about motion and force and how to build a marble bag. We also ate marshmallows twice! The weather was perfect Saturday and Sunday and everyone had a great time.