Cumberland Caverns Overnight Trip

Who went caving? Pack 1714 went to Cumberland Caverns, and many of them were muddy from the experience.  We took the wild tour of the of the cave first.  Before the adventure, there was a test to see who can squeeze through tight spaces by going through the squeeze box.  All scouts squeezed through with ease while the adults made sure they would be able to handle the possible tight spaces of the tour.  On the tour, we climbed up and down ladders, crawled through low areas, and walked through muddy areas.  We were able to test how darkness of the cave by turning off our lights.  We were not able to see anything but a glow-in-the-dark shirt.  At the end of our wild tour, most of the scouts and adults were muddy.  So you can say, we truly went caving on that tour.

We went on a second tour to view the beautiful features that many caves offer.  We viewed stalactite and stalagmites, discover cave bacon, saw massive columns, and found crayfish in crystal clear water. After our tour, we ate dinner, changed clothes and head to bed.  Where did we sleep?  We slept in the cave.  Some of the adults discover how loud some of us snore while we sleep.  At one point, there seemed to be a snoring contest.  Who was the loudest? No one will ever know.  Overall it was an experience that everyone on the trip will remember.

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