Spring Family Camp

The theme this year for the Bert Adams Spring Family Camp was “Under the Big Top”. There was a small group that camped out for the weekend and they enjoyed circus theme activities. In the morning, the scout were mystified by the mime swallowing flames. They did challenge the balloon artist with requesting different animals while some settled for a sword or light saber. In the afternoon, the scouts visit the petting zoo and enjoy petting the different animals. One or two of the animals tried to escape but did not get very far. Of course the scouts visited the animals on multiple occasions and were giving them names to their favorite ones.

For this year, the fort was open with more fun activities to enjoy while being in the shade. There were miniature skeet ball, suction cup darts and picking a luck duck from a kiddie pool. Some of these game involve small prizes such as candy. Of course the scouts did enjoy shooting the guns and arrows on the range. Also, each scout received a card to enjoy tasty treats: popcorn, flavor icy and cotton candy. Since the weather was on the warm side, an icy was a relief. The scouts that went, they enjoyed every minute of it.

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